Is the numerical representation of Solano County Bosses from The Crest, Lofas, Rancho, College Park, Tree Town to the Hills, whose street credits are upheld by North Bay Stunnuz in Vallejo (aka THE BLOCK). No affiliation to Squarefield, Crackaville or sleepy Nap-a (for those who dont know, thats Fairfield, VAcaville and Napa.
Where you from?
Oh, Vallejo?
You from the Crest?
Na, North Vallejo, College Park
by M. Du May 06, 2005
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Def: My motha fucking city ran by ..
Fairfield Whatttisssit?!!
thizz or die you Bezzie!
Vallejo tha Cress
Fuck tha Villans and the Family!
bitches and hoes trying to ride on this motha..|
i dip'd them in tha parkin loT and gas break dip'd out there!?
by SHO-Gun January 08, 2005
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Extreme leet spelling of lol, Lol, LoL, l0l, or any other form of the typical acronym for 'Laughing out Loud'. Often used by h4xers or people of 1337. Most popular in video game chat or lingo.
1337h4xer: Hey how do you aim with the sniper?
User437: you press and hold L1, why?
1337h4xer: oh, because ive got bord of noscoping noobs.
User437: 707
1337h4xer: 707, 1 pw|\| 411 n00B§
by TehSolid1337 August 29, 2008
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Laughing out loud rolling on the floor laughing our ass off on top of a barbeque. It's hot.
"Yo dog, I was chilling with the Dude Squad and this guy was all, 'yo, you down with the seven oh seven' and I was all 'that's my hometown dog'"
by goatse April 21, 2005
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I got ho's, I got ho's, in different area codes, area codes.
by goatse October 23, 2003
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