The place to go at anytime to get some cheap-ass junk food. The best place to use the wordSlurpee Rip-Off technique/word,since ICEEs suck.
Hey man,don't pay for that bag of corn nuts,just stick it in a slurpee cup and fill up!
by 0niTTRay January 17, 2004
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probably one of the best convenience stores ever!!! it has every thing from baked goods, candy and soda to toilet paper and tooth brushes. It is most noted for its popular frozen drinks slurpees which are a direct gift from a higher being also on the down side for its high prices and for one of the first stores to be opened for 24 hours and for some how always being owned by a middle eastern.
aaron:hey jael , do you want to go to 7 11 and get slurpees maby some star fox later?
Jael: yeah lets go !!!!!!!!
by aaron.67 February 10, 2011
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Most foods that you want when you are stoned are available at 7-11. Anything from hot dogs, to candy bars, to slurpees, to frozen pizza, to chips, to nachos, etc.

I'm stoned right now and went on a 7-11 run and spent $12.45.
by MistyCoatHag July 26, 2008
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When something screws up totaly... usualy refering to when directv stealers program goes down it says 'call customer service 711'
DAMN I NEED TO GET A NEW 3M my script went 711
by coca November 07, 2003
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