Toronto. Derived from telephone area code (416). Popularized by Drake. Usually preceded by "the". Popularized by Drake
I'm from the 6ix hommie.

I'm the 6ix god.
by Views from the 6ix March 6, 2015
Arjun Ivatury is an American record producer mostly known for his work in Gaithersburg, Maryland with rapper Logic as his in-house producer. Other artists he has worked with include Dizzy Wright, Michael Christmas, QuESt, and Jessica Andrea. He is associated with the independent record label Visionary Music Group.
"Fuck Illuminati, that boy 6ix got my back
6ix made this beat, 6ix bring the heat" used by Logic in his single Keanu Reeves
by Avat0n February 4, 2019
The local Penticton corner store 24 main, which is commonly referred to by regulars a 6ix, six, or 6
"Hey McGarry want to go to 6ix?"
"Hell yeah it's 6 o'clock!"
by LemonComputerGuy April 17, 2019
Godly hacking clan for discord that many wanna join.
by 6ix Clan October 30, 2020
A post modern approach to spelling the number 6, versus the traditional six.
On the Facebook wall, "Dude I had 6ix last night and I was GONE!"
by Keith Barton February 20, 2008
Godly Discord hacking clan that has fake wannabes who wanna join.
by 6ix Clan October 30, 2020
It has NOTHING to do with the area codes 416 and 647, but about how Toronto was formed. Up until 1998, the city that is now Toronto was broken up in to six different cites; Toronto, Scarborough, North York, York, East York, andIn 1998, the Government of Ontario decided to combine the six cites, proposing it was a cost saving measure. As a result of the amalgamation* Toronto is now one big city, and currently the 4th largest city in North America, behind Mexico City, New York, and Los Angeles. Toronto's ahead of Chiraq by like 85,000 people or something.

Even though the former six municipalities are technically all Toronto, they are still referred to as their original names. Reasons being that a lot of street names are repeated so, to identify your location, a "borough" is needed.
Example, your mail would say Scarborough instead of Toronto, if you live in that area."the 6ix"
by Daleno March 10, 2015