It's one of the dumbest dances known to man. It is being done all around the world by idiots and it involves the quick and steading moving of arms, legs, and the odd movements of wrists, all done with a ridiculous expression on the face of the dancer.
When that song came on I started 5ing right away!
by ConcernedCitizen123456 March 29, 2011
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məˈro͞on fīviNG
1. Taking a decent band that is full of creativity and instruments and stripping it down to vocals, effects, beats, and bass lines while cutting back or eliminating guitar and drums.

2. Opting to go for more a pop/synthesized/cookie cutter/flavor of the day sound.
"Wow, Maroon 5 used to be a decent band but they've been totally Maroon 5ing themselves since 'Songs about Jane'"
by Poorman81 November 8, 2013
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