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A man (sometimes bearded) who drives a Subaru and wears all outdoor gear with no intension of ever doing any outdoor activities. This Subadouche can be easily spotted disturbing the flow of traffic and driving under the speed limit for optimal gas mileage.
Great! I'm stuck behind another Subadouche with an opinionated bumper sticker and kayaks on the roof with the tags still on them.


Can someone get this Subadouche off the road!
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A young boy (usually between the ages of 17 and 22) that wears a flat billed sideways hat, skinny jeans, and racing tshirts. Looks exactly like his girlfriend but with short hair and bangs that he flips out of his eyes. Usually has a least two stupid piercings somewhere on his face.
Places racing stickers all over his car he paid to sound like a broken lawn mower. Puts racks on the top but no has ever seen him put anything on those racks. Has never actually been to a track, but thinks he's a professional race car driver when weaves in and out traffic like a wanna be bad ass. Parks however and wherever he wants because he thinks he's cool.
I was cursing my neighbor for mowing their lawn so early, but then I realized it was just their Subadouche son leaving for school.
by Urdummaf88 June 26, 2018
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