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When somebody is being so extremely unenjoyable and faggot-like, you can't think of any other word to call them except for Faggotron-5000.
Man, Jeff won't quit cock-blocking me in front of Linda, what a Faggotron-5000!
by FreakinFreakk July 27, 2011
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Highest level of faggotry. When you call someone this tge whole bar should go silent for a few seconds before you get tackled to the ground or called a bigot. If you really wanna get it, call them a faggimus prime, if you do that, prepare your anus
Random anti-gay conservative: “FAGGOTRON 5000!!!!!!!”
Random gay guy: *tackles guy out of the ground and literally beats the shit out of conservative, maybe some anal if the guy’s into it #consent
by Anoninest anon June 14, 2018
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