Tip your uber and receive a 5 star rider rating.
My rider rating is a 4.3? You gotta drop the 5 for 5.

She was so nice and polite. Did she 5 for 5? Nope drop the 4.
by the jeremy meagher April 29, 2016
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When a womans vagina has been "used" to such a great extend that it now appears as flabby flesh flaps, similar to roast beef. Hence the 5 for 5 deal at Arby's where you get your fair share of roast beer for a nominal price.
Set the stage as one buddy to another after the successful conquest of a ripe young woman.

Johnny: "So yeah, I hit that last night"
Sam: "How was she, 5 for 5?"
Johnny : "Naw man (pleasant smile) it was like 1 for 99 cent!"

From this dialog Johnny and Sam were able to share information without hurting anyones feelings.
by Joey (Credit to BeanWack) September 19, 2006
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5 24oz Beers for 5 Dollars. AKA getting shwasted for $5
Yo man, Im feelin a 5 for 5.
by istoleyourboat August 10, 2011
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Respective rating used to report ballpark signal strength and clarity of a transmission. So a 5 by 1 means a strong signal is present, but what is saying cannot be understood. 1 by 5 means you can understand them, but a signal is barely coming in. 5 by 5 is ideal for both counts.

Can also be used nowadays to mean one is doing well.
Ex. A) – command to alpha2IC, do you read?
-command this is alpha2IC, I got you 5 by 5.

b) How’s it going?
I’m 5 by 5.
by vodka June 2, 2004
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This is an old aeronautical radio term. Radio signal strength and clarity were measured on a scale of 1 to 5. Today the term "Loud and Clear" is preferred to "5 by 5".

In slang use "5 by 5" means things are well, good, or as expected.
by balrog May 17, 2003
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A shortened version of the drinking term "5 shots in 5 minutes". Can also be converted to 6 in 6, 7 in 7, or if you're trying to die, 10 in 10.
I did 5 in 5 and went to Rugby... there was mostly dudes there so I did 5 in 5 again and passed the fuck out.
by JK February 9, 2005
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To be in a content state of being. To be fine
Hey how are you? 5 by 5.
by Xander October 30, 2003
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