The hottest ppl were born on 4th of June! Everybody loves you. You have greatest body and BIG BOOBS if u r a girl.
"Oh look! That girl has amazing boobs! She was definitely born on 4th of June."
"4th June girls are best bro!"
by Eyyy it's me. How u doin December 22, 2019
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Bad bitch day : u be a bad bitch and do what u want, get freaky w someone , do u , live your life
“Oh shit it’s bad bitch day”

Oh shoot it’s June 4th which mean it’s bad bitch day , imma do be “
by Bad bihhhh October 20, 2019
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On this day the best, most gorgeous and baddest bitch alive was born. What? You thought it was on July 22nd. Well I don’t know where you got that false information from but at least you know the real shit. June 4th is the day to be written in the history books of the birth of our future queen of the United States of America.
June 4th: The person born on this day came up with this legendary quote: You might wonder why he keeps going back to her? Well that’s cause trash belongs in the trash bag. And that’s on PERIOD.
by NotRachelButAlsoNotNotRachel January 27, 2020
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National be a sloth day. When you become the freaky sloth and embrace your inner self.
Oh what I'm I doing on a chair! I should be climbing a tree and being slow as it's June 4th NATIONAL BE A SLOTH DAY!!
by Crazyblue01 October 15, 2019
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June 4th is National sexual activities day. On this day you must do anything from kissing to sex. No acceptions are made
Kate: Hey John what’s today?
John: It’s June 4th national Sexual activities day!
Kate: oh really? you wanna go make out right now?
by Bigdaddywalnut69 October 25, 2019
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Go to KFC and get something to eat day.
“Hey what’s the date?”
“June 4th.”
“Sweet! gonna get me some KFC!”
by GayGamer August 2, 2019
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laziness day

the day where you can just sit back relax and become a couch potato

(hbd roz)
man: what’s today

woman: June 4th
*man jumps on couch and becomes couch potato*
by RMackncheese October 17, 2019
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