the title to describe skz!!
“did you see that skz won that 4th gen leader award?” “yep they are the true 4th gen leaders”
by changbinseo November 10, 2022
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Stray Kids. Stray kids is the most successful group in the 4th generation of kpop. So they are called 4th Generation Leaders,This shows how much more successful they are than other groups of their generation
This is defined as: The 5-star album of 4th Gen Leaders is breaking records every day
by staystheblueprint October 23, 2023
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4th gen leaders are Kim Hongjoong, Park Seonghwa, Jeong Yunho, Kang Yeosang, Choi San, Song Mingi, Jung Wooyoung and Choi Jongho, the eight of them are members of a group called ATEEZ. they’re the 4th gen leaders, every rookie out here look up to them for their incredible performances and their amazing skills.
person 1 : bro i love ateez so much, they’re so talented n shi
perso 2 : yeah no one does it like them, no wonder why they’re 4th gen leaders.
by aleks1117 March 16, 2023
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Treasure are really truly amazing funny members that can lead this gen entertainment, it's just enough to see one episode of TREASURE MAP to realize that they are indeed variety kings
Omg did you saw this week's T-MAP? It's so funny I already watched it four times

Yes! I saw it already, sports day was incredible. Treasure seems to be 4th gen entertainment leaders, they just make everything so interesting that so you can't stop watching
by Ahgase 7 for 7 August 8, 2021
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