The birthplace of memes, and where the Internet dumps their waste. Most people try to avoid it, due to the mental health issues involved.
"Man, I was on 4Chan last night man, and you see some shit man"
by LesKen February 6, 2019
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I live rent free in your head tranny shizoid why hate on 4Chan noob i make Rekt thread of ur mom BBC DOMINATE U LULZ keep seethe communist tranny your moms booba will get doxxed you will all hang from the rafters for hating on 4Chan you degenerate virgin. I will become rich on doge coin you sadistic pedophiles >>LArp
Intellectual conversation would go like this " hay dude have you used 4Chan its radical"
by ---ANONCHAN--- May 6, 2021
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A group of losers with no respect in the real world so they convince themselves that by randomly banning people from their faggot board, that this somehow makes up for their utter pathetic state in life. They are self-deluded into thinking they are somehow elite because they moderate a crappy imageboard.
4chan moderators are fucking retarded pieces of shit with no lives who sit around all day thinking they're something great and that they have amounted to anything in life.
by Dude Regular June 19, 2011
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The Best flash animation evar.

Parody of Nightmare City
4chan city ftw
by Desumurderr April 6, 2009
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Populism virtualized upon false social nodes, ie. filter bubbles. Populism that appropriates attributes of Japanese hyperrealism including anime LARPing, message boards (2Chan, etc.), and ironic skeuomorphs (memes). Skeumorphic, emo, or filter bubble nationalism.
4Chan nationalism got 2016 like Whaaat!
by sandrashine August 19, 2017
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When 4chan "invaded" Tumblr.
And when I say invade, I really mean ass rape.
Because 4chan/Tumblr = OTP
It was really all just sexual tension.

rape devon's sweet ass invasion
11/14/10 was the 4chan invasion of Tumblr, but they ended up just having angry hate sex.
by TumblrFag November 14, 2010
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The state of using a simple modification to a word or, a word of similar pronunciation in an attempt to be funny, random and unique.
Due to the anonymity of it's users and mentality of such, the bar is set staggeringly low.
The sad thing is, people actually think this shit is cool.
Five year old come up with better shit than this.
Another internet community's sad attempt at being unique.
4Chan Clever examples:
Moar -More
Sauce -Source
Copy pasta -Copy paste

Brilliant word play!
by Lig Na Baste April 19, 2008
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