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Synthetic idealism; synthetic nihilism; meta-nihilism.

Self-organized criticality; scale invariance; continuum.

Aesthetic and desire as a momentum from future to past.

Emergence is contrapositive to creation (effection) on the line of time.
by sandrashine June 25, 2018
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The belief that the present emerges from the future.

The obverse of determinism.
Emergentism is the obverse of determinism.

It would reject historical materialism.
by sandrashine September 14, 2018
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A contrapositive form of nihilism in which the momentum of desire replaces the momentum of will.

A Schopenhauerian nihilism in which desire emerges as aesthetic.

Emergent nihilism replaces Nietzsche's paradigm of effection with Schopenhauer's paradigm of emergence.

Human beings observe this emergence as the panagram of colors.
by sandrashine August 11, 2018
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Structure of verification.

Also: the study of a structure of verification.

The blockchain is an example of an epistemology.

Epistemology can also be the study of blockchain and structures of verification related to it.
by sandrashine August 30, 2018
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The future of democracy.

The result of the voluntary response sample.

Bias as a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Ethnocracy is the result of voters seeking confirmation bias at the polls.
by sandrashine November 08, 2018
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The conundrum that will is a real phenomenon appearing from a false meta-state (materialism) and sense is a false phenomenon appearing from a real meta-state (sensualism).

The inability (and representational necessity) of a human being to tell the difference between individual will and sense or to confuse will FOR sense.

The conundrum of existentialism is equivalent to the a priori/a posteriori problem.

In contrastive religion, the sensualist divergence between Judaism and Hinduism.
Existentialism poses a conundrum: is sense will or is will sense?

It turns out that sensualISM is representationally individual will and collective will is meta-representationally individual sense.

Meta (self) - representation or tautology is the meta-state behind the existential conundrum.
by sandrashine September 03, 2018
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Irony beyond the scope of existential (postmodern) irony. Usually falls into the scope of aesthetic nihilism (skeuomorphism (memes)) or ironic consciousness (conscious irony).
Memes and their predecessors, GIF's, are platforms for post-irony if not post-ironic themselves.
by sandrashine August 28, 2017
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