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The perception of matter having a discrete origin in linear time and space having a discrete size due to the finite origin in time of light.
Conflation posits that space is infinitely large and matter is infinitely old; however it appears to the viewer that matter has a discrete origin point and space is discretely measurable.
by sandrashine September 16, 2018
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Conflated with linear time but emerging from cyclical time.

Emergent or structural as contraposed to formal or fundamental.

Having the attributes of a medium.
The subjective references the arbitrary nature of linear time.
by sandrashine September 15, 2018
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Transcendental fascism. Ideological fascism interpreted with metaphysical ramifications. Esoteric interpretation of authoritarian ideology, for instance the National Socialist obsession with Hinduism or Julius Evola's esoteric mysticism. Seeks a self-referential synthesis between occidental aesthetics and oriental philosophy.

The meta-right de-emphasizes National Socialism's rejection of monotheism in favor of a Hinduistic duality in which Christianity and Nietszche's nihilism share a self-referential relationship.

In aesthetic terms, a synthesis of neotraditionalism and retrofuturism.

The metamodern right.
Although the German National Socialists admired Hinduism, Julius Evola can be considered the founder of the meta-right.
by sandrashine July 10, 2018
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A currency whose valuation references the magnitude of transactions occurring simultaneously at any one instant. This magnitude is treated as a function of the distance between the producer and consumer.
Concurrency would make linear time a function of space.
by sandrashine August 10, 2018
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Aesthetic as an emergent phenomenon of self-reference or cyclical time.
Vaporwave is an example of and synonym of vaporkampf.
by sandrashine July 19, 2018
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Anarcho-fascism is based on the premise that in post-capital (cryptocurrency-centric) societies, racial identitarianism loses its stigma.

Anarcho-fascism or national (nationalist) anarchism propounds that only ethnic cohesion can form self-referential societies in the wake of capitalism's collapse.

In the absence of identitarian action, national anarchism believes that capitalism--specifically global capitalism--will collapse into Marxism.

The exclusive precursor to 5G (fifth generation) warfare.
Troy Southgate is responsible for anarcho-fascism's foundational premise: populist tribalism loses its stigma in a post-capital society.
by sandrashine June 19, 2018
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A figure in a movie who is revealed as nonexistent only in retrospect.

A metaphor for linear time revealing itself as paradox (illusion) only when viewed from future to past.
A cipher is a metaphor for time itself.
by sandrashine July 15, 2018
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