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Twitch emote. Represents a guy laughing. The emote is usually being spammed in twitch chat when there's someone laughing hysterically, or when someone tells a cheesy joke, but it's mostly because when Arteezy starts feeding. 4Head
*RTZ feeds*
Chat: 4Head 4Head 4Head
by digitalzy February 29, 2016
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nickname for kids with abnormally large foreheads. those who are given this nickname are also known for being fun and partying.
Did you see 4head at that party friday?

Fuck yeah I did, that kids the shit
by shenanigans6969 March 24, 2009
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the act of getting four different women to give you a blow job in the same day.
i went to a brothel and got 4head.
by anarchisthealing August 09, 2018
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