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The name of a song in Drake's "More Life", featuring Sampha. Without Drake singing in the song some may find it hard to decode the name. Many theories have been created yet none proved. The most common theory is that "4422" is the area code of Sampha's homeland (44 being the U.K. and 22 being Freetown, Sierra Leone). Another theory states that Sampha is referring to Isaiah 44:22, a verse that is about forgiveness. Lastly, a somewhat complicated theory that involves an old school flip phone. Typing 4422 into the phone will give the typer "hb" which can possibly mean "heartbreaker".
1. Sampha travels between 4422.

2. You are unforgivable until you read 44:22.

3. You are a 4422.
by champagnequeen May 21, 2017
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