One righteously kick ass car that was produced by the Dodge Division of Chrysler Corp. between 1968 and 1971. The Super Bee, part of Dodge's "Scat Pack" performance line-up of cars, was from 68' to 70' basically a Dodge Coronet with a high performance engine, hood and or quarter panel scoops (69' only) and a mesmerizing bumblebee stripe and racing bee emblems. The base engine was the 383 Magnum, but it could be ordered with the awesome 426 Hemi, or the 440 6-pack option in 1969. The last year of production, the Super Bee package was switched from the Coronet platform to that of the Charger. To this day, the car continues to hold great sway and mystique over the minds and hearts of many. As of today, Sept 30, 2004, a Hemi equipped Super Bee in showroom condition can sell for 80 thousand dollars or more depending on the specific options of the car.
Wow !....did you see that! That 440 6-pack Super Bee just blew the doors off that rat motor Camaro.
by Streamwalker September 30, 2004
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