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A highly skilled and adaptive MW2 campaigner who sees the opportunity to utilise a weapon and blow up a shitload of whiny assed bitches.

Seasoned noob tubers live to hear how whiny and bitchy anyone who's been blown to bits gets and loves nothing more than to hear the words "He can only use a noob tube,cus he aint got no mad skillz like what I haz" (sic).
I'm gonna blow these whiny bitches to fuckin smithereens cus I love to hear them moan.

Then I'm gonna tube 'em again.

Then I'm gonna let em get a shot off,to let them think they have a chance before tubing the tard out of 'em.

I am the King of the fuckin Noob Tubers. (i.e. I tube noobs).
by Penance4thought April 04, 2010
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Taken from the forum Khmer440,where a molesting pile of filth dwell.

A small,largely backward gathering of diffident ex-pat males who sum up perfectly abject bitterness, disappointment and an acceptance at always riding the world's 'special' bus,tongue firmly attached to the window watching the rest of the world pass them by.
Look at that bunch of fuckin' 440's.
by Penance4thought April 01, 2010
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