its a celebrated holiday for pot smokers its origin is from marijuana it contains 420 active chemicals
everyday is a holiday exepect on 420 then its a party
by zechs April 21, 2006
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Started by idiots who take days out of their lifetime and are 99.99999999999% going to HELL.
Burn in hell b/c of 420. Have fun with as much smoke as you can handle.
by Lilia October 06, 2005
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The best time of the day to get High, 4:20 pm/am
DAAMMMN!! its 4:20, i gotta go get some J.
by some guy November 18, 2002
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The term 420 comes from the Time in India with Brtish occupation. The term is generally considered racist and is defined as fradulently or maliciously stealing information or goods from someone with seeming control. More recently however the term can be related to social engineering and jacking shit like the archangle, "a killer, clean, cold blooded , thorough," whose alias is "Whitehats" and jacks shit like yellow jerseys, "no mercy"
"Have you seen my hat." " No, besides why would you need that dirty old thing happy 420, remain blessed"
by Matties Little Ass August 31, 2007
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The only day of the year where marijuana is supposed to be legally sold. But some retards in the American government decided to make it illegal, which resulted in more thefts and murders associated with marijuana.
I haven't smoked pot since the last 420. I'm scared some policeman is going to come to my door and yank me to jail, since they're just looking around for people to bust! Nosy bastards!
by hekifier is the greatest May 08, 2009
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4:20 is the time that Bob Marley died. Every year, 4/20 (April 20) is celebrated as do drugs day, since bob marley used marijuana.
"You going to smoke some shit with us? It's the 420 .

420 shit smoke weed marijuana
by anonomous510 June 19, 2009
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The police code for possession of marijuana, which has become the infamous 'weed number.'
Aw, man, I'm so ready for 420 right now.
by Julia Skellington February 28, 2006
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