Normally an error given when indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server, but the server either could not find the file that was requested, or was unwilling to fulfil the request for it and did not wish to reveal the reason why.
More recently used to describe a user or individual that, at any given moment will lock up and seem to have no intelligence what-so-ever and will not co-operate to solve an issue. (ie No Intelligence Found)
hey guys we got a 404 - NOT FOUND over here, user cant find ALT on the keyboard
by txtrlikesun March 15, 2006
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The screen of death
Oh shit, I just typed my website wrong and it says "404 Not Found". I hate the internet.
by Ashabeth September 02, 2008
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404 Not Found is the completely fucking retarded screen that comes up whenever you're looking for a good porn trailer.
by worn.down April 24, 2010
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“How would you describe my love life with four words?”

“Error 404 not found”
by murkerlurker December 27, 2019
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We're deeply sorry, but the definition for the term you were looking cannot be found. Please refresh the page for a chance to load the definition. This problem may have been caused by a lack of internet connectivity, or by the server being down for maintenance.
404 Error: Not Found. For more information, please visit our homepage at h t t p s : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = d Q w 4 w 9 W g X c Q
by Esteban AF February 25, 2018
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When you see a girl that has no boobs or is flat. 404 Error is an error on computers when a URL is not found or is non existent.
Dan: wow look at that Chick!
Bob: nice features, ass is good, but no tities.
Dan: ya, when i see her chest, im like 404 Error: Boobs Not Found.
by Voldemortism May 02, 2011
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