A forty-ounce beer used by cheap people or those looking for a quick high
Let's get this party started
Let's keep them 40's poppin
Let's just get buzzed and stay f'ed up

We'll keep them panties droppin
by tbag112ftfw April 12, 2010
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1: a number
2: an age that nears closer to mid-life
3: slang for a 40 ounce alchoholic beverage usually consumed by wynos
1: Man that guy just hustled me for $40.
2: Happy 40th birthday you old nutsack.
3: Hey my man go to the liquor n grab some 40z. I wana get shitfaced.
by Major mackin July 26, 2009
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A 40-oz. bottle, specifically one filled with an alcoholic beverage.
Shut up and give me a 40, dumbass.
by progamer124 January 18, 2003
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A civilian or any non-law enforcement person who will (try to) bust you.
You check for people in here, I'm not tryna get caught

Yeah, no 4-0, were good.
by pitabreadyum July 01, 2010
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