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Stoner # 1 - duude yesterday....highest i've ever been.
Stoner # 2 - welcome to 4:21 mannnnn
by osama bin blazen February 8, 2008
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a time for people that dont smoke to go and see the people that smoke and make fun of them
lets go to jakes house and see how high they are today
by brooke March 30, 2003
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Today's 4/21 that means it's national drug test day because yesterday was 4/20
by Jay_jr99 April 20, 2016
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The day to smoke paper... April 21st. Or every day at 4:21
Aye say Jay J , It’s 4/21, u got the printer paper or the brown paper bag to smoke?
by jayjgreen April 21, 2021
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The time you try and pretend it is still 4:20 (professors can still smoke on 4:21)
by Pallet Wizard February 8, 2019
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September 4th, 2021

Also known as Pac 12 North implosion day
Oh yeah I remember when 83% of the pac 12 north lost on 9/4/21!
by Pac12chatmember September 5, 2021
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