If you hold up 4 fingers it means you pull absolutely no bitches on you dick and you have L rizz.
"Little Timmy holds up 4 fingers because he get no bitches on his dick
by Chillibean69 August 29, 2022
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A girl with an extremely large vagina, capable of accomadating all 4 fingers of the hand.
Bob found out steph was a perfect 4 finger.
by Stamborski July 15, 2008
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Jeez he has 4 fingers up he must be madly In love with his girl
by he<3yougurl May 24, 2022
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You are loyal and deep in love w one person
by Ingesss August 4, 2022
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you are loyal to 1 man only
Jeez she has 4 fingers up she must be madly in love with her man
by she<3youman July 17, 2022
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