A girl with an extremely large vagina, capable of accomadating all 4 fingers of the hand.
Bob found out steph was a perfect 4 finger.
by Stamborski July 14, 2008
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Means you fuck a crazy amount of bitches on a daily
scovy and Luke put 4 fingers up every day
by Vescova March 17, 2022
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4 fingers means you get zero play, absolutely no bitches, no females on your dick, and no rizz.
“Jimmy isn’t great with the bitches, so lately he’s been dropping 4 fingers down”
by ItsBigKev April 18, 2022
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4 fingers up mean you’re obsessed with me no questions asked.
so many people had 4 fingers up!
by hdbdhshdb April 7, 2022
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You madly in love with men
“4 fingers up” your gay😎
by April 8, 2022
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holding 4 fingers up in a photo is a secret way of saying you are a homosexual/gay
i’m gay holds up 4 fingers up
by sexchange May 1, 2022
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