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it is arabian egyptian word that means
"a pimp" but if u said it to an egyptian u won't have time to say "i'm sorry" !!!
you are 3ars - yalla ya 3ars - enta bani adam 3ars
by Hebo March 08, 2008
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Could mean 2 things, either the supreme 5awal of Egypt Abdelfattah el Sisi, whom is usually refered to as el-3ars or means a cuckold/cuck in Egyptian Arabic.

v ta3rees
Kosomak ya 3ars! -> FUCK YOU CUCK
Batal ta3rees ya 3ars -> stop being a cuckold you cuck.
El sisi -> the ultimate form of ta3rees, specially when roz is involved.
by manfi May 14, 2018
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