number form of "elite/eleet", used by some hax0rz to pwn windows 95.
4mg 4mg 1 pwn3d y0u 31337 57y13!
by irl amg dot com January 31, 2005
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'31337' is what the lusers call themselves when they learn how to open KaZaA or their hotmail account.
Has negative connotations.
d00d! th15 n3w 3m1n3m 5h1t is 31337!
by wiru February 17, 2004
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A UDP Port once exploited By a hacker / cracker group to gain access to windows 95 ......... Obviously patches have been released to fix this vounerabilty .... now used by script kiddies to call themselves elite (usually shortened to 1337)..... sigh :(
I hate people who refer to themselves as 31337.

u r so n00b a/VD 1 am 50 3l337
by crash18692003 December 14, 2005
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A pathetic attempt by wannabe nerds and lesser dorks to confuse those of higher intelligence with a half-assed lingo that could be easily deciphered by a mentally challenged three-year-old.
DuD3 1 h4c|<3D 7H47 S7uP1D 7uRd!
by w00t w00t November 21, 2004
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! r 31337
by Giggles November 19, 2002
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A type of talk that online people use to be "cool" and to think highley of themselves
LOL i just pwned that n00b im so 31337
by Chris Kn June 22, 2005
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Also see Hakim
Hakim.Ws is 31337
by 31337guey October 21, 2003
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