1. Pulling a 3/5 (3/5ing) - Making a statement that you are going to do something, but never planning on actually doing it.
2. A 3/5er - This refers to a police officer or some sort of official who:
-Gets rid of all the evidence of something and then claims it never happened, despite multiple witnesses.
-Claims that something is only a rumor, but then takes extreme action as if it where a serious threat.
Kid 1: "Tomorrow is the day, I can't take it anymore, I am going to kill myself."
Kid 2: "Nah, you're just 3/5ing"

Dude: "Hey, Jack said he was gonna kick my ass today, but he pulled a 3/5."

Man: "I know you may have heard the rumor that there is a bomb in this building, but it is only a rumor, there is no evidence.
(Bomb Squad Arrives)
Other Man: "Dude he is such a 3/5er."
by Some RHS Dude March 5, 2004
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Noun form:
The nightmare of all guitarists. The thing you hear the most in guitar stores. The song every amateur plays.

Verb form:
Refers to playing 0 3 5 on a guitar
Guitar noob: Dude! Play 0 3 5
Actual guitarist: bruh
by Matt_Money July 18, 2019
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Acronym used to describe a particular subset of the female population who are usually unpleasant to the hearing ear and to the clear mind. Acronym stands for: "Angry 35 year old". These A350's are women who are mad they are not happily married so they're just a drag...but they think they're hot.
"are any girls going to the superbowl party?'

"naw....just a bunch of A-3-5-O's..."
by MintyLeila June 18, 2005
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Stupid fucking guitar meme that's in the wrong fucking key of the original song.
Brandon: Hey Jake... hehe... 0-3-5, am i right?
Jake: I'm going to skin you alive.
by MusicNerd69 January 22, 2022
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The act of inserting the penis 3/5 of the way into an anus so as not to make your partner feel like they have given into anal.
Debbie didn’t want to do anal until I suggested the 3/5 Compromise. She’s definitely not a dirty, dirty whore.
by Slippin' pee hands January 28, 2019
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L33Tspeak for "Great Shot!"

Derived from a popular 1st person shooter game Call of Duty, where three buttons will produce a specific quick message. For example V-2-7 means "Need reinforcements!"

Lane: Joel, there's someone shooting you from behind!

Joel: *spins around, feeds a single bullet to the fucker's head*

Lane: Woah dude, V-3-5!!!
by BioMenace February 1, 2007
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the purchasing of 3 fifths of vodka and housing them between a small group of people
Kid 1: Bro i heard there is a huge party at sloppy's tonight im trying to get shitted on...
Kid 2: trying to put the 3/5 compromise in motion
by Press Release December 18, 2008
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