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If your sobriety is at 2pi (alternatively 2π), then you are at the breaking point of the first level of high. After this point, things stop becoming purely fun and turn into a more profound experience. If you are more than 2pi high (you>2pi) all of your creativity, appreciation of beauty, and introverted characteristics blossom, while your social and language-related expressions are severely hindered, which would explain why I've taken 30 minutes to get this far into the definition.

The term 2pi is derived from the thought of a circle and its degrees (or radians) being a meter for your state of highness. If you reach 360° (or 2pi radians), you have completed one circle and are now on your second circle, or stage, of being high. The limits from this point are unknown, but deeply personal and reflective.

As clarification, being >2pi cannot be described only as a good or bad experience. Your point on the circle should reflect your current environment or social setting. Obviously, going out with the family for a 4th of July picnic isn't going to be the best place to be 2 pi high, just like being at pi isn't the best for a lonely night home alone watching TV.
After a few minutes of giggling nonstop, Wendy and Brandon finished the very last of their bowl. At this point, all noise ceased in the room, though not to the two interlocked hands. For what seemed like centuries, the two stared up at the ceiling fan -- half-expecting it to fall on their heads in a Final Destination fashion, and halfway asking for answers. Not a word escaped their mouths that entire night, but they had talked to every person in mankind. Wendy and Brandon were never really the same after the first time they got more than 2pi high.
by @kdgeatsrocks September 05, 2013
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