A day when a girl or boy go to a house to get a present from a someone thats name start with K

But could use a reverse card and get something aswell
Boy:It is the 24 October. Here is ur present

Girl:Get a present
Boy :reverse card
Girl:what present do u want
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The day that 100% retards are born
Hey see that downie, hes born on 24 October
by Jesuitmission November 09, 2020
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October 24 is the day to just go up to people and give them a hug and see if they hug you back or whatever
Hug people on October 24
by Big Daddy Bob big mac October 14, 2019
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National steal your friends dog or cat day
Hey I’m taking your dog

Wait no stop

Sorry man it’s October 24
by Smd👹 October 20, 2019
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