A sound that 2016-2017 rappers make to describe their fancy cars
Migos : Hop in the Lambo have a drag race (skrr)
by lul.ma August 12, 2017
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Something which chief keef is known to say in his songs which entertain listeners in a way that haann is used by french montana or huh used by rick ross
It is mostly used when rapping about cars
Bitch ima pullup in my whip skrr
by Keeflistener June 16, 2013
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This phrase was made famous by Chief Keef and his crew. Originally means "Let's Get it", The 'Skrr' effect is brought when this is said faster. Pronounced "Les'Get it".
I ain't work this hard to go broke, Skrr !!!!
I ain't work this hard to go broke, let's get it !!!!
by @3DSwaggHS September 1, 2016
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you can use this when someone says something dumb .
Momo: I think we should get back together.

Alice: Skrr Skrr
by alwaysonline April 23, 2016
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Big Shaq: Skrr pop pop
Skrr is a g word that means fuck off or bye
by Ugly ting November 15, 2017
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Originally from the artist 'chief keef'.

Skrr skrr skrr is Keef hitting the brakes sharply as he pulls up in his car
Can be used just to symbolise the noise of your flashy car.
Skrr skrr skrr, pull up in my whip to pick up my thots, admirin my wheels, gold diggers around ereeeeeeee
by Mamiiiiii April 14, 2014
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A type of popular fashion mostly worn by South African teens, a person who talks Insta slang
"that guy looks like he a skrr skrr"
"I wear skrr skrr type fashion"
by Jerry Blacc November 3, 2018
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