13 definitions by Boovian

Wow man, dontcha just hate macOS Ventura?
by Boovian November 22, 2022
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A moment in time when you think too much about life.
I think I'm experiencing uroma..
by Boovian May 13, 2022
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Sexual Interaction With Boovs.

Not to be confused with Boobs.
After I watched Home, I was a Boovsexual.
by Boovian May 18, 2022
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Beta.character.ai is based on neural language models. A supercomputer reads huge amounts of text and learns to hallucinate what words might come next in any given situation. Models like these have many uses, including auto-complete and machine translation.
Hey man, I just got back from work. want to go on beta.character.ai for fun?
by Boovian March 24, 2023
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Windows 8, but 100x better.
The start button is back, no booting to the start screen etc.
An OS made in Late 2013 and was made due to the reception of the original Windows 8.
Windows 8.1 was very praised. but support ended almost 10 years later on: January 10, 2023.

I bought Windows 8 a few months ago, and I hated it. but 8.1 is AMAZING!!
by Boovian February 17, 2023
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A pretty scary artificial inelegance thing.
*Goes on chat gpt website*
Chat CPT, Write a poem for me.
by Boovian February 23, 2023
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