The beginning of WW3
russia and ukraine are now at war, which is most likely the beginning of WW3
I see china invading taiwan, then N korea invading S korea, then ww3 starts in europe
by call me 916 808 5471 February 26, 2022
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The line that is used when someone is from the Ukraine and you ask them if they are from Russia. They usually will be very rude to you when saying this and will have no remorse. If you are educated in history, you will know that the Ukraine has simultaneously been a part of Russia on and off again, even prior to the USSR, so don't bother asking them what the difference is, they will just yell at you, in public.
Person 1 "I love your accent, are you from Russia?"
Person 2"I'm not from Russia, I'm from the UKRAINE!"*yelling with furry*
Person 1"Okay, okay. Still the same thing though."
by KatilinaFeva September 26, 2011
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