The year of idiocity, Dabbing, Pokémon Go, incompetent politicians, and a multitude of celebrity deaths.
Good riddance 2016!!!!!!!!
by Sweet And Salty December 30, 2016
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The year Humanity got a good ass fucking by basically everything unholy. It was filled with terrorism, bombings, shootings, killing, more killing, even more killing, terrible leaders, global warming, natural disasters, overly sensitive people, more separation between people, racial tension, religious extremists, riots, mass immigration and the threat of nuclear warfare. A year that should be forgotten by all history books going forward.
Year 3000 in a History Class
Teacher: And that class was the end of 2015. Next lesson will be on 2017 so be ready because it's a big one!
Student: Wait....what about 2016? Why'd you skip it?
Teacher: We don't speak of that year......ever.
Student: Why not? What's wrong with it?
Teacher: Well, how should I put it? Umm....think of the nastiest, smelliest, dirtiest shit you've ever taken. Multiply that by everything bad in the world and that's your answer.
Student: Was there anything that was good about it? Anything at all?
Teacher: Well there was one thing.
Student: What was it?
Teacher: They had some pretty dank memes.
Student: Ayyyyyyyy LMAO
by Call Me Big Poopa October 19, 2016
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1) Intransitive: To die suddenly and unexpectedly.

2) Transitive: To kill brutally and remorselessly.
1) "My Tercel up and 2016'ed right there on Highway 21."
2) "I don't have a green thumb. I just 2016 all my plants."
by VeggieMeister December 28, 2016
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The year where, well, I actually can't tell you anything. Guys, no one knows when the damn Armageddon or The End will happen. No one. Not even scientists. You just have to wait and see. But I'm pretty sure the human race will still exist billions of years from now.
Guy 1: Dude. The end is coming in 2016!!
Guy 2: Shut the fuck up.
by TheAnonymousBitch June 13, 2015
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The worst, most depressing and emotionally damaging year ever.
Kaiden: 2016 was honestly the worst year of all-time.
Harry: I know. Don't remind me.
by cpubot561 December 13, 2016
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The year of sensitive people. Literally say something, and someone, somewhere, somehow will get offended. Something doesn't go the way it was expected, somebody freaks out. Say something considered slander, somebody freaks out. Also full of petitions, politics, devastating terrorism, media, and more.
Person 1: "Gay"
Person 2: "I'm calling the police, starting an online petition to have you arrested, and obtaining a lawyer to sue"
Person 1: "WTF?! Oh right... it's 2016"
by iSmartzer June 12, 2016
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