5 definitions by Therese B.

A kid or teenager who lives in a crowded urban area where a high level of crime is common, and where the stereotypical types of people are easily seen.
George is a city kid. He spends all day watching his back and he takes public transportation. He also makes sure he does not draw attention to himself.

Jimmy is NOT a city kid. He flashed a 50 in a classmate's face, only to get jumped right after school by the Bloods.
by Therese B. April 08, 2006
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Area code for most parts of Jersey City, NJ. Also refers to the city itself.
Hometown? 201, nig.
by Therese B. March 16, 2006
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Abbreviation for either of the following:
Just Chilling
Jesus Christ
Jersey City
Mannn, what's up???
NM, JC. You?

I'm down with JC, he's my homeboy, ya heard? I'm goin to heaven fo' sho. Cuz I go to church errday. Shiet...

Ayo, where you from?
I'm from JC 201 REPRESENT!
by Therese B. March 16, 2006
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A large city in northeastern New Jersey (Hudson County). Some view it as a slum, others view it as an average large urban area teeming with urban people. There are different districts: the Heights, Downtown, Journal Square, Westside, Greenville area, etc. Also known as Chilltown, JC, 201, Dirty Jersey, etc. One of the most diverse cities in the United States. Somewhat rough and coarse with words and actions, but the residents do not notice due to its frequency. And yes, it would be best to do what the Romans do when in Rome.
1: Where are you from?
2: Jersey City.
1: Tsk. Heard about that place.
by Therese B. March 16, 2006
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