3 definitions by Lyniceman

beautiful girl who’s smart, honest and gentle, but she can also be aggressive. You will be distracted by her beauty and her amazing body.She likes to make random noises. She has eyes that sparkle under the light and sometimes change colour but are usually green.

Her heart is made out of kindness and she loves to make other People feel loved or happy.

She enjoys reading books. She has a very closely relationship with animals.

She enjoys to be in a Group of small people she knows and she doesn't like parties. When you mit her you think she is shy but after a whiLe you will fall in love with her weirdness and she is a keeper.
Look at her! I bet her name is Alicia.
Ahhh i love Alicia, she is really sexy and cute.
by Lyniceman November 03, 2018
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The best year ever
The last set of elite people was born in 2002
Everything started to suck after 2002
People born in 2002 don't feel like they belong to gen z but are also not millenials. Forever stuck inbetween #zelennial
Person 1: Man do you remember 2002 ?
Person 2: bro that was the best year ever
Person 1: I'm born in 2002
Person2: eyy you're on of the last set of

elite people
by Lyniceman October 31, 2020
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Not a good year...
2002 was way better.
But no year could be better than 2002
Person1: Man 2003 was shit
Person 2: ikr 2002 was so much better
by Lyniceman October 31, 2020
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