Girls are usually asked to play by 13-16 year old boys. It's also usually asked by a FUCKBOI!
Boy: Hey, you're perfect ;)
Girl: Thanks... do I know you?
Boy: Wanna play 20 questions? You'll get to know me then ;)
by ,GWENYLAWHEMMO, May 22, 2016
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To be thouroughly interogated, sometimes with a spotlight shined in your eyes.
I went out with friends last night and came home very late. When I got home I got given 20 questions.
by thegrimreaper March 26, 2005
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someone who asks too many questions and gets on peoples nerves really easily
1:Clayton is such a 20 Questions, he getting on my damn nerves

1:I know I'm a 20 questions, it's fun.
by Coletin January 9, 2009
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one of the key factors into discovering that a man, is a fuckboy.
he asked me to play 20 questions, so I dumped his rat ass
fuckboy tinder slide into the dms
by damndanielsvans May 3, 2016
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when someone asks way too many question like when u are @ the poice station and they ask you questions.
I can't stand her! She like askin 20 question bout anyone i talk to. Who she think she is the FBI?
by slangologist November 30, 2004
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One who asks too many questions. This person will not stop asking you questions until you tell them to fuck off. Typically 20 Question is someone who's name begins with a P or D.
"20 Questions was bombarding me with questions at lunch"
"Yeah he did the same to me at breakfast"
by Sauceeee April 23, 2015
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