A phrase used to calculate how many more of something there is. One may say this phrase is a way of life, a culture, and a lifestyle of its own. There’s always two down and always two more. Using this phrase may be accompanied by a show of fingers and simply the words “two more” to tell how many more there are. In other cases 2 more will be used as a factor in phrases saying how many more there are.
“How many more?”
A. “In 2 more 2 mores we only have 1 and a half 2 mores left.” (in 4 more we only have 3 more).
B. “2 more” (he says while holding up 3 fingers, indicating that there is in fact 3 more).
C. “2 down, 2 more” (merely restating the law of the 2 more).
by 2moresociety December 01, 2020
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a slang originated from greensprings school lekki in which can be used instead of ask again but the diffrense is it can be used for non-question
paul: what do we have next period
me: 2 more times

paul: msheew
by ask again March 16, 2020
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