razor 1911 is a warez and demo group, founded in norway. its original name was razor 2992, but they shortly change from 2992 to 1911 as a jab ot other crackers who tended to overuse the number 666. 1911, translated in hexadecimal, is 777, which is the opposite of 666.

in 2006, they have released BF2142 five days before its official release.

in 2007, they have cracked the vista-only game Shadowrun, so also XP-users were able to play the game.

in 2007, they release the game Crysis five days before its official release.

in 2008, razor 1911 released GTA IV five days its release.

They have also cracked others games as well, like WC3, Half.-life , quake III, soldiers of fortune..

razor 1911
by F4T4L_3RR0R. April 10, 2009
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The absolute unstoppable douchebag worship of anyone owning a 1911 pattern .45 ACP pistol. The 1911 Boner will downplay and humiliate any other handgun owner's weapon if it isn't the magical 1911 .45ACP.
Cody: Dude, check out my new Beretta .40S&W!
Stone: Eh, it doesn't have enough stopping power, it's crap. Look at my Springfield 1911.
Cody: Man, your 1911 Boner is showing.
by CodyTexasUSN February 4, 2011
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Brainchild of the legendary arms inventor John Moses Browning, it is a single action, short recoil operated, magazine fed auto loader. This venerable pistol had seen service in the US armed forces for 85 years since its official adoption in 1911. Originally chambered in the new (at the time) .45 ACP (automatic Colt pistol) The .45 "Auto" cartridge is a direct descendant of the much older .45 COLT revolver cartridge. The pistol was beginning to be replaced in the late 1980's by the Beretta 92f (M9 military designation) chambered in NATO standard 9x19mm. The 1911 pistol still remains popular in military service in special forces detachments such as Army Rangers, Delta and certain US Marine units. This pistol/cartridge combination has been battle proven as a very tough and reliable military sidearm. The Vietnam war wound studies of US military trauma surgeon Dr. Martin Fackler have revealed that the .45 has excellent terminal ballistics even in a military 230 gr. hardball round. In the civil market this firearm and newer various clones remain one of the most popular pistol types particularly for concealed carry and defense.
I choose .45", "because needing to shoot twice is just silly. " "US Government, model of 1911 pistol, cal .45 ACP is the only pistol I will ever need!"
by thebluelightning June 27, 2010
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a code name used for a handgun named Colt M1911.
Tay K: '' Chop-chop-chopper with a blade, 'cause my bitch goth (bitch)
1911, Ma I'll leave you with a scar''
by SK10i February 24, 2020
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