Day after National horny day 16 april
Comes national smile day 17 April

Today you can ask anyone to send their pictures of their smile
Fuck Nudes, its 17 april send me pictures of your smile
by Shavlakadze April 16, 2020
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The random day we tell jocelyn natalie yunardi that she may be short but we are all scared of her. JK love you my teeny tiny docs wearing phomo queen.
gotta go gift shopping for 17 April jocie appreciation day... yikes
by GaRrY25 February 5, 2023
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It's April 17, and my buddy Evan looking short af, kick his ass
by theboyboywestcoast April 17, 2020
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April 17th is the birthday of the most beautiful girl or boy that is sporty and is always loyal to there friends so you know they will never betray you. They are also very Hot and will grow up to be very Wealthy but will use there money in a fair way. They also will always find a way to be helpful and kind.
April 17th is the Birthday of the best girl or boy on earth
by Alison Amberlings October 24, 2019
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hey, it's April 17, go eat some fries or something. you can use this as well to persuade your parents to get you McDonald's.
by the_smol_potato April 17, 2019
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On April 17 you have to hookup with someone, no matter who it is
by Laniggatry April 12, 2018
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