the best person in the world. they always make you feel like a wet sausage. this person will always stand by you and never you let you down. you are extremely lucky to have a friend born on June 15. Thery are the prettiest (if they are the youngest child) and really good at sport.
friend: its Jasmine's birthday today
mum: but today is June 15
friend: exactly, this party finna be lit Mrs p

15th of June- a party goer
by sexy_mofo_ November 8, 2019
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sometimes all i think about is you, late nights is the middle of june, heatwaves have been faking me out, can’t make you happier now

15th of june
by Slimeccl January 22, 2022
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National Heatwaves Day

This day is to celebrate the frisky ship between two mine craft YouTubers Georgenotfound and Dream
Person one : today is 15th of June national heatwaves day
Person two: let's go read wattpad on dnf
by Dnf_shipper May 4, 2021
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The best day they sexiest people are born in June but in the 15th they pure sex
15th of June today .... try look for the sexys
by Jamie spoon June 5, 2017
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Kick a transphobe day. On the 15th of June it is the national day to kick a transphobe.
Friend 1: I'm transphobic
Friend 2: it's the 15th June

Friend 1: what does that mean
Friend 2: It's national kick a transphobe day
Friend 2: *kicks Friend 1*
by Big_p33n_69 October 2, 2021
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Norways sapmi's call it (putt 2 fingre oppi rompa på meg Laila.) Is a day where u show some love for you're loved sapmis. <3
To show some love u can say this on 15th june in Norway. (Putt 2 fingre oppi rompa på meg Laila. Satan jeg elsker det.)
by Deppresed 7th grader April 8, 2021
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National Devil May Cry 5 day

Play Devil May Cry 5 all day.
Dante: What day is it?
V: The 15th of June
Dante: Ahh
by IShowerEveryday November 7, 2023
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