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Also 1349 is year the Black Death swept through Scandinavia. That's why the band is called "1349".
1349 owns all current BM bands except Darkthrone.
by 1349 Fan February 27, 2005
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A fairly new, great Black Metal band straight from Norway. Their music has no melodic shit, they're just fucking fast, hard, and are the TRUE definition of TRUE Norwegian Black Metal. Check em out.

1349 is:
Ravn - Vocals
Frost (Satyricon) - Drums
Tjalve - Guitars
Archaon - Guitars
Siedemann - Bass
1349's "Beyond the Apocalypse" is their greatest album to date. Check it out.
by 1349 Fan February 12, 2005
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The heaviest,most brutal fucking black metal band in existance! known for having the fastest,most loudest,in-your-face drumming ever from frost(of satyricon)and the most evil vocals from frontman,Ravn.
No keyboards,violins or melodic shit, just the blackest,heaviest,most evil black metal band to rise from norway.
Hellfire(song) and celestial deconstruction are probably the fastest,most brutal songs by 1349

slipknotfan666:zomgz slipkn0t is d3h pwnag3 they r0xorz my s0xorz (sic)

me:*puts on hellfire*

slipknotfan666:*head explodes into over 9000 pieces*
by metalhead4ever April 13, 2009
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