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The most pointless weed-out class at Purdue University. Every engineering student is required to take it and no actual knowledge is gained. The purpose of the class is to confuse the shit out of everyone and make us do about 20 hours of homework every week.

Oh... and did I mention it's only a 2 credit hour class?!
Dude, why are you falling asleep? its only noon!

I was up till 5 a.m. doing my ENGR 131 homework last night. Just like every other week this semester.
by tacobellisawesome October 22, 2010
Anyone with this last name is a bad ass bitch. They know how to turn up when the time is right and turn when it comes to the books. A Melideo is Beautiful, Personable, cute and witty. If you ever need a friend call a melideo. You can never go wrong. They are also extremely athletic and are very strong in academics and sports,
Hey who is that beautiful Girl who is really smart playing golf over there?

Oh thats a Melideo;D
by tacobellisawesome October 17, 2014