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When a person in AA who has 1 year or more sober get's with someone who has less then one year sober.
...yeah man, Eddy got 20 years sober and Lisa got 30 days sober. He's tottally 13 stepping her. Dirty!
by youknowme2001 February 06, 2010
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When a person of Alcoholics Anonymous has motives with another person (typically a newcomer) to take advantage of him/her for their personal gain. That advantage could be sex, financial or emotional. It often happens to newcomers who are open and trusting of the fellowship.
Your program is slippin' because you're 13 stepping that newcomer.
by The Deputy December 24, 2010
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When two people in an AA program have a relationship. Greatly discouraged by AA programs.
Did you see him with that girl, he's totally 13 stepping.
That guy in group is so hot but I don't want to be 13 stepping.
by kissy89 March 21, 2008
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