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A code sometimes written on a job application or resume by the person who takes it in. Means "NO" (just draw a diagonal line between the two 1's).
That resume is a code 110.
by nationalfilmbored January 10, 2006
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110 is british slang and is referring to the standard uk price (£110)of Nike Airmax 95s / 110s
J: I jus got a pair of new 110s yesterday

D: Ye what colour
by mundyboi November 02, 2009
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A style of Nike Air Max trainer which typically costs £110. Taking into account the price of inflation and, regional variation these could also be £119.99's or £124.99's etc.
#1 - Alright den, flip da script my yute, new tracksuit, 110's my yute...

#2 - Yo blood, dem 110's are sick!
by Rudy Van Longhorn January 14, 2008
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1-10 based on the bitch's attractiveness. If she's very attractive. Includes- butt, tits, and sometimes face. Basically from 1- the ugliest
10-the hottest.
Damn boy check that chick over there, what you sayin' from 1-10
She's got some nice boobs and a nice booty). She's also blonde. I would rank her 10.
by The asshole August 29, 2016
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Also known as the Female Attractiveness Scale, or FAS for short. The 1 to 10 scale that (in this case) men use to rate women from 1 being totally unfuckable, to 10, being the most fuckable person in sight. A 1's natural habitat is at their home feeding their multitude of cats. Whereas the 10, a rare breed, tend to stay outside, around the most people they can find. Common places to spot 10's are crowded ass malls, and or on the beach (if you live near there).
"I think I wanna bang Chelsea"
"Nah dude, 1-10, she like, a 3"
by Whoop-de-whoop what!? September 13, 2016
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