108 is actually an old phallic number meaning "shut the fuck up... idiot"
108, KillaGill
by Im white 88 October 08, 2003
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One of the most fearest unit of the bloodz. Young Bucks and Young Chicks.
by KillaGill August 05, 2003
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A website which highlights the best of Underground Creativity in the UK and Worldwide.

Bloke 1: “Have you heard that new tape from 108 Mics?”

Bloke 2: “You mean Eurochild?”
Bloke 1: “Uh huh. That shit slaps bro!”
by FROM LEEDS July 17, 2021
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Someone is wrong on the internet; Namely, you.

rule 42 is the one where you make things fuck, right?


Frowardd: rule 108, someone is wrong on the internet, namely you
by Revan343 December 27, 2009
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intense birth place of hip hop radio online. established in the year 2000. most popular internet hip hop radio station.
yo i'm blazin hot 108 online!

aye, put on 108 jamz!

man, hot 108 jamz is off the chain!

yo g i'm on hot 108.

who jams? hot 108 playa!
by joe lorenzo December 04, 2007
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108th steet is a melting pot of cultures ranging from Buharian to BuhKarian. With this wide variety of people accomidations had to be made. In 2004 the Mayflower Compact, also known as the Buharflower Compact, was passed allowing the people/buhars of 108th street to practice any religion they wished, be it handballism or stand outside pizza & pasta city for 5 hours everydayism. With this new found freedom Buhars from all over the world (mostly from Buharland) came to seek refuage from persecution. Also I should mention the word "Buharlum" because I feel like it.
by Steven Esquire The Fourth September 23, 2006
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a station that was great at one time. but now stinks cause all of the djs are voice tracked. except two. now it stinks with overplaying songs, and voicetracked djs
Bob: wanna listen to kiss 108?
Bill: na lets listen to jamn 945 its better
by usedtobekissfan May 01, 2009
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