108 is the best room on tyrifjord, if you live at room 108 you are now dank legend.

Everyone who lives in room 108 have shitty sleeping scheduel, and they sleep from 4pm to 3 am.

You have to wake up at 3am and be awake until 4am, it is verry good sleeping schduel I promisss.

Dis was written by M&Γ… 2k16-2k17

(But if you sleep at 8 o clock everyday and or have a good sleeping scheduel you are not a dank legend)
Where is the dank memes at? Room 108
by LingOG January 06, 2017
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Police/Fire/EMS emergency radio code that signals that a person is (In Service)
Dispatch: All units to fire at 123 Main Street

UNIT 1: copy dispatch I'll be 10-8(in service)
via giphy
by DD-ud August 25, 2016
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best roblox swordfighter of all time, invite him to your clan for a free carry
he plays on nintendo switch tho so if you think hes exploiting hes really not
invite him to your clan for a free carry
"oh shit its 108, imma sit this raid out not tryna go neg"
"fuck i gotta ban this kid before he clears my clans and we lose"
by RobloxEnjoyer May 27, 2021
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