A battlefield syndrome in which a soldier may become lost in thought due to stress from the fight. The 1000 Yard Stare is named such because the soldier may seem to be focusing on an object very far away, and may even become unresponsive to external stimuli. The phrase was coined during the Vietnam war.
Many soldiers are stuck in the 1000 Yard Stare after combat stress.
by ~Magic Marker April 30, 2007
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You'll find that the phrase was in fact koined during the Second World War and popularized when a painting of a Marine exhibiting the stare was accompanied by a notation to the effect that Marines referred to the look as a "two thousand yard stare". However, the stare itself has been known as long and man has engaged in persistent, long term combat that resulted in Battle Stress Disorder.
The Marine exhibited the 1000 yard stare typical of victims of PTSD.
by TB58 November 24, 2015
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Staring into nothingness whilst one's mind is occupied or is completely empty.
Did you see Mario, he was doing the 1000 yard stare.
by February 19, 2022
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a high impact sniper rifle in destiny widely used and considered the best pvp sniper
he got me with a 1000 yard stare
by brian epps March 1, 2016
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The ability to tell (from 1000 yards or better) that a person of the opposite sex A) Has a case of fugly face B) Has perpetual bad hair days strung into a "life" C) Is so ugly that no amount of Alcohol in the world can make them look better D) Could benefit from a paper bag on their head

This stare can be useful for finding attractive people as well. You will find this useful when you need a wingman (or wingwoman) for a night, or twenty.
Dude #1 "Hey, did you see that Brunette at 4 'o' clock?"
Dude #2 "Yeah, about 1000 yards before you!"
Dude #1 "Dude! You got the 1000 yard stare!!" (Bows)

Girl #1 "Yeah, my boyfriend found me 1000 yards away.. How did you and (points to non-listening boyfriend) meet?
Girl #2 (quietly) "I caught him staring at my boobs from 2 feet away.."
by SlyDragon January 14, 2010
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a high impact low rate of fire sniper rifle from the vanguard, also widely considers to be the best pvp sniper currently
noooooo he got me with a 1kstare (1000 yard stare)
by brian epps March 28, 2016
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The 1000 Yard Stare, or the 2000 Yard Stare, was a symptom of battlefield stress and exhaustion. It became named so during World War II, because the victim would become unresponsive and stare "a thousand yards off".
After the invasion of Peleiu, many Marines would fall victim to the 1000 Yard Stare after numerous days of endless combat.
by Captain Miller January 25, 2009
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