A video game term meaning to defeat, or to be defeated, in a single hit.
a.) "This character is so strong, I just 1-shot a boss."

b.) "Did that guy just 1-shot me?"
by Noisymedal February 20, 2017
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a work of fiction that is not part of a series
That book must be a 1 shot.
by The Return of Light Joker August 30, 2008
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A typical gaming term meaning that you didn't hit your opponent a single time
Gamer 1 : Im down but he's 1 shot
Gamer 2 : *Dies* i hit him for 100 what do you mean?
by Boomer.com October 29, 2020
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Some lazy argument used by stupid Overwatch forums to accuse Doomfist for being an OP hero, but in fact he is not.
- Doomfist is a bad hero, his bugs are really such a pain.
- What? He has a 4 second 1 shot ability!!!!! He is so OP!!!!!!!!!!!
by Rufinian July 16, 2019
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You think you hit 100 but in reality you missed all you shot
He is 100% 1 Shot
by rickjm November 3, 2021
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Mostly said in videogames when a player has very low health and can be shot once and die, however, this is also the biggest lie ever told by your teammates as well, causing you both to usually die because your teammate decided to lie to you, but lets be honest, who has not lied and said ''He is 1-Shot''
He's 1-Shot
No he fucking wasnt you stinky mouth breeding narcissist
by BreezyKurgan February 2, 2022
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False call out when your playing an online game
Team mate: he’s 1 shot get him

You: *shots him 20 times, he doesn’t die*
by Colloizza69 March 22, 2022
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