1 November slap your enemy day

If you have an enemy go slap him/her
Person 1:it’s 1 November so guess what that means

Person 2: I’m going to slap my enemy!!
by Anonymous 182836464 October 29, 2019
The day user @tilly.tubbies_ on insta turns a year older so wish her a happy birthday bc she deserves it and also follow her UwU
1 November:Happy b-day @tilly.tubbies_
by Milanathedumbbitch October 29, 2019
1. November is the day when all the boys can be kind to a girl or a boy without be called simp
by October 17, 2020
National "Invent Your Own Dumbass Holiday on Urban Dictionary Day"
Hey everybody, it's November 1! Let's see what dumbass holiday the Urban Dictionary people post as their Word of the Day for November 1 today!
by America Lover 🇺🇸 October 30, 2019
National take your fucking Christmas lights down you've still got thanksgiving day
Karen- You know what day it is?
Stacy- Yeah, November 1st
Karen- Oh, so you know we still have thanksgiving?
Stacy- Of course!
Karen- Then take your fucking Christmas lights down. Just fuckin take 'em down.
by Fidyurs November 1, 2019