the gun I use for hunting deer and pretty much any big game animal in the united states.Correctly pronounced Thirty aught six, and spelled 30-06.
I shot my last deer in december with my 30-06.
by the great hunter January 13, 2005
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A highly powerful civilian use rifle that is also preferred by many military snipers. It has lengendary range and power, as well as two versions: a semi-auto that carries a three-round magzine, and a bolt action variety that carries five rounds.
This sweet .30-6 is useful for hunting deer and terrorists.
by Detranova July 29, 2003
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On this day you will take a nap at 6:30 for no reason.
yo ima take a nap

well it is National Take A Nap At 6:30 Day

alright leme wait then
by Burger1879 October 16, 2019
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A metaphor used to describe that something is unanimously and for sure certain. It originated from the phrase “hands down” which means essentially the same. The term 6:30 refers to the two hands on an analog clock both pointing down when the time is 6:30.
Damn you hear that new album? The best track has gotta be “Miss Steps” all the way 6:30.

6:30? What?

Hands down homie. No doubt about it.
by Unlimitedpower May 1, 2023
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