Long silence, often used in response to a stupid question.
Ice: Why haven't my balls dropped yet?
Joe: ...
by Ebola February 23, 2003
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blank stare used in texting or email, typically to portray a feeling of disbelief, frustration, or impatience
Wife: "I'm super horny tonight, bummer for you I'm out of town. "

Husband: ...
by Chief Father January 8, 2015
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A series of 3 periods that, like the word "Hmm" can be used as a space filler during an awkward silence. However, they are also used to create suspense for usually unimportant situations, to answer a stupid question, counter a stupid comment, or simply to piss people off because of overuse.
Tim: I need to say something...
Holden: What?
Tim: Im hungry.
Holden: Dumbass.
Tim: Yep.

~10 Minutes later~
Tim: ...
Holden: Yeah?
Tim: Hey.
Tim: Dude, I saw a flying cat!
Holden: ...
Tim: No, Seriously!
by T_I_M_J July 17, 2009
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triple dot of awkwardness

used in texting
a way to say that you're not really sure, or lets just not talk about it
guy- do you want to go out on friday?
girl- sure...
by i need a name May 8, 2008
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Mainly used in chat rooms or forums, in response to a sentence or phrase which cannot be replied to in any other way because it is incredibly stupid or strange.
IneedaGF: "I sniff my grandma's panties and wear her bra!"
GlitterBabe: "...!?"
KingOfTheDamned: "..."
Chaos: "!...!"
DarknessAngel: "WHAT!? ..."
Matt999: "!?..."
AfroPimp2004: "WTF YO ..."
n00b4eva: "lol".
by DreamsFromHell July 8, 2004
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Also known as an ellipsis, usually used to represent a word or phrase necessary for a complete syntactical construction but not necessary for understanding.
1) Often used at the end of a written sentence to denote trailing off See Yada Yada Yada
2) Used in response to a (written) incomprehensible statement or a rhetorical question
1) There once was a man from Nantucket...
2) "I found a moonrock in my nose!"
by pythonspam February 3, 2005
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by Password :) September 14, 2020
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