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-hs is a term widely used in the Pokemon competitive scenario. It's usually seen when someone makes a remarkably stupid comment. The term was coined in hommage to the user hs.
Player 1: LOL you're such a retard why would you use Pin Missile Cloyster
Player 2: -hs
by egalvanc September 28, 2020
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"Are you dumb why'd you think I'd tell you their name? Dumbass it's called sneaky link for a reason."
by Doja's simp April 09, 2021
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This term, coined in hommage to user hs, is widely used in the competitive Pokemon community. It's meant to quote hs whenever something remarkably stupid is said or to dismiss a long ass text.
Player 1: One last thing before I leave you all to react with disdain, ridicule, and self-righteous fervor, before you do everything in your power to minimize my words and thoughts, box them up and shove them to some cobwebbed corner of your memory, and hope they disappear forever as a stain on your finite time ground to dust. From this moment on, nothing you say matters to me. The foulest insults you hurl with intent to wound will calmly settle at the earth before my feet, and the venom you spit will bring all the pain of a warm summer breeze. You are less than anything you can conceive, while I carry on, brimming with joy distilled from detachment.
Player 2: -hs
by egalvanc September 28, 2020
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HS short for Headshot,

When a shot fiered in a computer game hits the head, resulting in instant death in many games.
"Hehe i got you with a HS"
by dipso January 07, 2004
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Head-shot, a term used when a player is shot in the head in an online, first-person, shooting video or computer game, such as Counter-Strike. Headshots are considered valued shots, and often stirs up an uproar or simply and small remark. Head-shots are almost always one-hit-kills in any game, and usually results in a larger-than-normal blood splatter.
"Haha 100 HP."
"Yeah cause it was a HS!"
by Darryl Koh January 01, 2005
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1. Head-shot
Pertaining to the widely played game Counter-strike.
Dude! That was a leet HS!
by 1337pwner October 01, 2003
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