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Acknowledged as the single greatest clan in the history of Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield. Known mostly for it's members' disruptive game play, the {RAGE} clan had many epic battles with the rival clan L.N.D. Aside from domination of all opponents the {RAGE} clan practiced psychological warfare and as a result was banned from a large number of servers. However, not even jealous gamers were able to keep the {RAGE} down, as the group was successful in not only humiliating foes during game play, but also shaming them over Teamspeak. The {RAGE} always rides north.
Joe: "I just got done playing RVS and these assholes kept team killing."

Steve: "It was probably those {RAGE} fuckers"

Joe: "Yeah, and some idiot kept throwing smoke and tear gas."

Steve: "Must have been The Captain."
by {RAGE}_Captain November 15, 2011
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